Thank you for visiting Climb59, for everyone’s safety please follow all rules:
1. Waivers need to be signed, and proper sign-in process and payment at the desk needs to be completed before entering the climbing area.
2. Properly adjust your harness and climbing shoes. No regular shoes are allowed for climbing the wall.
3. Clip-in securely without rushing or distracting yourself. Respect others when they are also clipping into the carabiner.
4. Adult supervision is required for all Kids, including to help them wear and secured their harness, clip-in to the carabiner and to guide the ascendant and descendent from the wall. Parent or guardian must be present at all times while the Kid is climbing. Teenagers and Adults can climb on a self-supervised basis; but if the staff noticed an unsafe practice, He or She may be asked to leave the facility without reimbursement of the paid fees.
5. Personal ropes are not allowed. And by using your own Harness and belay device, you are accepting the responsibility of its functionality and performance.
6. Hear your body at all times, do not climb anymore if you are tired. Take a rest time for your arms, fingers and legs.
7. Stations are to be used only by one person per auto-belay or two persons per rope, all other guests need to stay away from the belay station path. Only walk on the gray floor near the benches, and walk in to the corresponding empty or assigned station.
8. The climbing area is only for climbers. If all stations are in used, please wait your turn outside the climbing floor. If you bring a guest and space is available at the sofas, He or She can be there, if the Sofa area is full, please have your guest wait outside of the Climbing area.
9. No food or alcoholic drinks on the climbing area. You may bring water with you, please avoid any color drink in the climbing area. Please hydrate yourself by the couch areas.
10. Auto-Belays are professionally maintained per industry standards, but they are not to be abused or mal used. Please use the Auto-Belay only as a security tool, please do not bounce back and forth, or swing side to side. Weight usage limits between 25 to 290 pounds.
11. Please respect other guests, the staff and all the facility rules. We reserved the right to ask you to leave at any time with or without a cause for when we considered it appropriate and best for the business.