A multipurpose Sport and Event facility centrally located in Houston, Texas.

We have two turf fields, a rock climbing wall, private rooms, and several lounge and bar areas.

Daily activities include the possibility to rent a field to play your favorite sport (restrictions apply); participate on an adult soccer league, organized a special or corporate event, take a group or a private soccer techniques, climbing 101, vinyasa yoga, or other classes, watch your favorite sport or simply, enjoy the family atmosphere of our facility.

We are open every day of the week, so you can count on us to provide you a safe and fun environment all year long. For private events and by reservation we are open 24/7.

Paparruchos Indoor has two Indoor Turf Fields (7v7), where you can play your favorite sport (restrictions apply). Field One is 140x60 plus an adjacent area to hold a small gathering. Field Two is 160x80 plus an inside VIP lounge area and viewing access from the Bar. Both fields are air conditioned with LED lighting. Wood and acrylic walls, and all area surounded by a net. Big TVs as scoreboards. The fields are use for rentals, league games, and special events.
Field One and Field Two are available for rent for one hour minimun or multi hours. Any rental for more than 14 players or other use than to play soccer, its rental reservation requires prior authorization from the manager of dutty. Every player must signed a waiver before entering the field. Apropiate clothes are mandatory, and only turf or tenis shoes are allow, no cleats. Other Terms and Conditions, Policies and Rules apply to the usage of the field and any area of the facility, please have all players and guest review them in advanced.


Prices are for team registration on leagues and field rent by hours.


$ 120 hour
  • $20.00 OFF, 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
  • Field sizes: 130 feet x 57 feet
  • 5v5 adults fit fine
  • Easy acces to Fuzball tables
  • Small bench area for spectators


$ 140 hour
  • $20.00 OFF, 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
  • Field sizes: 140 feet x 70 feet
  • 6v6 adults fit fine
  • VIP/Lounge area is attached
  • Viewing access from the Bar


$ 675 team
  • Play in the fleld #2
  • Field sizes: 140 feet x 70 feet
  • 6v6 adults fit fine
  • 8 week long
  • Reffing Fees $15 per game/cash

Birthday Party / Corporate Events

Call -------------
  • Soccer & Climb available
  • Field sizes: 130 feet x 57 feet
  • Customizable Activities
  • 2 Full Hours
  • Limited Time Offer